SME Loan and Micro Loan

SME Loans and Micro Loans are financial products designed to support businesses of different scales. SME Loans are typically aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, providing relatively larger amounts of funding to meet operational, expansion, or other business needs. These loans often require businesses to submit financial documents and collateral for credit risk assessment. On the other hand, Micro Loans are tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering smaller amounts of capital for business startup or day-to-day operational needs. While Micro Loans are generally more accessible, interest rates may be higher, and assessment often considers the individual's credit history and repayment capacity.
  • Loan amount up to RM 1,500,000
  • Tax relief
  • Boost company working capital
  • No guarantor & No collateral is required

How our services work

1. Customers Reach Out
Whether it's an enquiry or request for an in-depth consultation, you can reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, message, or even a call.

2. Let's Meet Up
Our financial consultants will try their best to make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting so that they can understand your financial needs better whilst offering an overview of the prospective alternatives as well as outcomes.

3. Proposal
Upon completion of the in-depth interview and analysis, our financial consultant will begin to construct a proposal that includes the best solution which may comprise of existing bank products to suit your personal needs. The process of negotiation, consideration and elimination will take place here, involving input from the client's end.

4. Submission
Upon agreement of the proposed solutions and goals, our financial consultant will help the client to submit the application of the selected solution (along with applicable documents) to the respective banks/institutions.

5. Approval
As soon as the solution is approved, the client can start enjoying lower interest rates for their loans and aim towards achieving a debt-free status within the desired time frame. On top of that, they can even plan their other financial goals with the help of our financial consultants too!

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